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No. 76 (June 1975)
– 25 –

Wellington Harbour

Silver as no metal
Ever shone
Does the full moon
Fall upon
Still water.
With the touch
Of shining wonder
All dross of day
Fades away
And dies in sheer
Enraptured now,
The trembling bay
Bares her beauty
To the black sky,
To the winking stars
And the glowing moon.
Cool-fingered light
Probing the soft cloud
Finds the virgin sea,
Touches her
In secret places.

Thus the moon
And the sea
And the beauty without end.
Beauty before I was,
Beauty when I am not.
I am less than an eyelid
Flicked on the face of time.

But I touch my love
With warm hands
And heart's glow
That the moon can never give
And the sea can never know.

Harry Dansey