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No. 69 (1971)
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The Minister of Maori Affairs, the Hon. Duncan MacIntyre is, led onto the marae at Manukorihi by Mrs Iriaka Ratana, retiring M.P. jor Western Maori.

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The Minister listens as Mrs Ratana makes her farewell speech
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Minister Visits Manukorihi

In one of his first marae visits as Minister of Maori Affairs, the Hon. Duncan MacIntyre was welcomed at the historic Manukorihi Pa, Waitara, following an invitation from the committee representing the owners of the West Coast Settlement Reserves. He was accompanied by Mr J. M. McEwen, Secretary for Maori and Island Affairs.

Mr MacIntyre was introduced to the local people by the Member of Parliament for Western Maori, Mrs Iriaka Ratana, who was retiring after representing her people for 20 years. Mrs Ratana also introduced the two candidates for her Parliamentary seat. Mr Pat Hura and Mr Koro Wetere, the successful contender.

Members of the committee, elected in 1967, wished to express to the minister their views and sentiments about the future of the Reserves. In the past, Taranaki lands have been the subject of much bitterness, following the wholesale confiscation after the wars of a century ago, and the eventual return of land to some ‘loyal Maoris’. In recent years, the titles to the Reserves were amalgamated under one title, and the shares of each of the almost 5,000 owners — who often had shares in different blocks — were consolidated into one shareholding based on the total value of his previous shares.