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No. 65 (December 1968)
– 9 –


O breast upon which I lay my head.
O strong stable Mother to whom I turn for strength.
O foundation upon which I build my house.
O inspiration. O my life's significance. My driving force.
O fuel for my flame.
O my people. My Maori people.
Comforter in hours of darkness.
Haven to which I retreat.

It seems that rays come from your person.
A glow of light shines from you.
You exude warmth and kindness. Understanding and generosity.
Laughter and enjoyment.
Yours is an odour warm and earthy.
I move in the radius of your warmth.
And immediately I am caught up in it. Laved by it.
I feel its force working on me like a balm.
Already the strains and tensions fall away.
Already I feel released. Already my heart is lighter.