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No. 65 (December 1968)
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Myra Cutts with a Rodin sculpture
National Publicity Studios

Brief Visit Home

Well-known as a ‘blues singer’ before she left for England 12 years ago, Myra Love, now Mrs George Cutts, returned to New Zealand for a few weeks recently.

When she first went to England, jobs were hard to get, and at first she did ‘gigs’ — one night stands — in provincial towns, but later had a successful career singing in cabarets and nightclubs in Norway, France, Germany and England. As well as her European trips, Myra sang in America, Hong Kong and various Eastern cities.

One of the reasons for her visit home was to sing in the big concert sponsored by the New Zealand Maori Council as a start to ‘Rangitahi Week’.

Myra's husband is a sculptor, working with metal. Besides his own creative work, he teaches sculpture at Ravensbourne College, Bromley. They live in Greenwich, in a Georgian-style house, called ‘Hyde Vale’ and clearly dated 1840. It was originally built for a captain at the Royal Naval College, and is big enough to include a studio.

They have three children, Thea, six years old, Shane, four, and Seth, two. They are already showing signs of talent, Thea in painting and Shane in music. The family often go to Italy for holidays, and they hope eventually to buy an old mill at Casciana Alta, to use as a holiday home.

Myra doesn't do much performing now, as there is not much demand for her style of singing, and her family keeps her busy. She has done some research for historical articles for a local newspaper, and hopes to do more of this part-time work on her return.

While in New Zealand Myra recorded for the N.Z.B.C., for television, and fulfilled some cabaret engagements.