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No. 61 (December 1967)
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and turned to pursue them. When it did so the main group of warriors rose up to attack it. Then the men at the sides attacked it—the tail swung one way and they speared it, then it swung back the other way and the men on the opposite side speared it. Then they clubbed it to death.

Where the tail of the ngarara lashed about, there are now banks six feet high that were formed in its struggles. The ngarara's stomach was cut open, and inside there were found great quantities of human heads, taiaha, pouwhenua, clubs of greenstone and whalebone, dogskin cloaks, fine cloaks with taniko borders, flax cloaks, capes, piupiu, and every other kind of Maori garment—all heaped up there inside its stomach.

Friends, after this the inhabitants of the South Island lived once more in safety, and the men who had destroyed the ngarara returned to their homes. That is the end of the story.

The people who killed the ngarara belonged to Ngai Tara, Ngati Apa, Ngati Tumatakokiri, Rangitane, Ngai Tahu, and Te Ati Awa under Te Koheta: those were the tribes responsible for Te Kaiwhakaruaki's death.

by Karepa Te Whetu