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No. 57 (December 1966)
– 1 –

Te Ao Hou

Wohlers of Ruapuke, Sheila Natusch 6
Southern versions of Maori Tales, Wohlers 8
An Introduction, Norma Allen 21
Punga-Haruru 15
Transcriptions of Authentic Maori Chant; Part 10 Mervyn McLean 23
Maori Women's Welfare League Conference 30
Northland Parents visit Auckland 34
Hamilton Festival of Maori Arts 36
Whakatane Primary Schools' Maori Festival 38
Tokoroa Maori Culture Festival 38
Gisborne Cultural Competitions 40
John Waititi Memorial Scholarship 41
Maori Clubs 45
The Spiral Tattoo 49
Haere Ki o Koutou Tipuna 2
People and Places 26
Younger Readers Section 52
Records, Alan Armstrong 57
Books 61
Crossword Puzzle 64

the minister of maori affairs: The Hon. J. R. Hanan.

the secretary for maori affairs: J. M. McEwen.

editor: Joy Stevenson.

associate editor (Maori text): E. B. Ranapia.

CORRECTIONS: In Issue 56, the boy polishing his money box pictured on page 38 is not Wayne Day but Hahi Kaiawe of Te Tii. The two old pupils cutting the cake are Mrs Trainer and Mrs Rangiaho.

FRONT COVER: Aramiha Baker, son of Mrs Raina Baker, at the Ngararatunua Play Centre.‘Northern Advocate’ photo.

BACK COVER: Some of the rafter patterns in Te Whatu Manawa O Rehua meeting house in Christchurch, including the stylised kiwi pattern pictured on the cover of Issue 56.

National Publicity Studios.