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No. 56 (September 1966)
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Te Ao Hou

The Homecoming, J. H. Maffatt 7
The Old Marae, Leo Fowler 10
Tuhuru, Warrior Chief and Conqueror of Westland 15
Three Old Stories 18
Tangi, Tima Pou 7
Paua Tide, John Hovell 13
Poem, L. S. W. Duncan 51
King Koroki's Tangi 5, 28
Huhuna, L. A. Lew 8
Mrs Otene Retires 9
N.Z. Soldiers in Malaysia win Awards 25
The Queen Mother Visits New Zealand 26
Geordie Becomes a Chief 34
Transcriptions of Authentic Maori Chant; Part 9 Mervyn McLean 41, 43
Maori Clubs 44
New Hostel Blocks at Christchurch 46
Play Centre News 49
Maori Leaders Receve Queen's Birthday Honours 53
Maori Women's Welfare League 55
Action Song and Poi Tunes Competition 56
Haere Ki o Koutou Tipuna 2
People and Places 36
Books 58
Records, Alan Armstrong 62
Crossword Puzzle 64

CORRECTIONS: In Issue 55 there were a number of mistakes in the Maori text, for which we apologise.

The photo caption on page 28 should finish ‘at Waitangi’ and the second girl in the picture on page 30 is Miss M. Robinson, not Miss Ihaka.

In the fifth line of the third stanza of Wahine-iti's Death Chant, on page 21, ‘flea-infested’ should read ‘lice-infested’.

In the article on page 5, it was incorrectly stated that Nukutaimemeha had been given back to the people of Carterton by the Wellington Diocesan Board of Trustees. In fact, it has been given to the Board by Mrs [ unclear: ] okiri, to be used by the Church and the people of Carterton.

COVER: One of the kuias at Turangawaewae during the tangi for King Koroki.

BACK COVER: This rafter pattern at Te Whatu Manawa O Rehua meeting house in Christchurch is a most unusual one.

Taken from an engraving on a rock at Shepherd's Creek, on the upper side of the Waitaki Gorge, it is a stylised kiwi, possibly represented as being inside the egg. It is considered that the engraving would have been done by Maoris waiting to go down stream after rounding up birds in the McKenzie country, possibly while the river was in flood.