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No. 56 (September 1966)
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Under the watchful eye of their instructor Mr E. V. Hill, second-year carpentry apprentices pour concrete for a path alongside their recreation hall to join the new block to the old.
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New Hostel Blocks
At Christchurch

Rehua and Hanson's Lane Hostels, catering for Maori apprentices in Christchurch, are having extensions built.

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The new hostel block at Rehua. Work on it is due to be completed in October.
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Tommy Reihana of Hawera, a second year carpentry apprentice working on the Hanson's Lane Hostel, who gained extremely high marks in his First Qualifying Exam last year.
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Lunchtime on the Hanson's Lane job for another second-year apprentice, K. S. Andrews of Manaia.
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At Rehua, a large three-story concrete block is under construction a few yards from the present hostel, and boys now living in huts on the property are looking forward to occupying the new quarters later in the year. Private contractors are erecting this building, but among their employees is at least one Maori tradesman, now a qualified carpenter, who lived at Rehua during his apprenticeship.

The Hanson's Lane extension is quite different, being a single story wooden structure. It is different too in that instead of private contractors being employed, it is being built by young second-year carpentry apprentices, under the supervision of their instructors. Usually these boys work on private houses, but most are enjoying building something for themselves, and hope that they will live in the new quarters before their time at the hostel is up.

Already a recreation room adjacent to the old hostel building is finished and ready for use. When construction is complete, the three buildings will be joined by a covered way.

The boys are responding well to the friendly instruction given, and take a pride in their work.

It is hoped that the Minister of Maori Affairs, Mr Hanan, will be able to open both new blocks in October.

Bequest to Maori Education

A retired carpenter, Mr John Kenneth Chubbin Mitchell, who died on 24 April, has left nearly £12,000 to the Maori Education Foundation.

An experienced tradesman, he had high esteem for the craftmanship of Maoris and was interested in the welfare of young Maoris.

He also left his house in Wadestown to be used as a hostel for young Maoris studying in Wellington or undertaking a course of training for any trade or profession.

At present the house is being renovated, and it is hoped that it will be available at the beginning of next year as a hostel for Maori boys.

The new hostel will be under the control of the present Master and Matron of Piki Mai hostel.