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No. 54 (March 1966)
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The painting and sculpture shown on this page is the work of Cliff Whiting, a young Maori artist who is an arts and crafts adviser to schools in the Nelson district.

The sculpture (see left) is entitled ‘Whaikorero’, and the painting is entitled ‘Stranded Whale’.

Mr Whiting was born at Te Kaha and was educated at Te Kaha Maori District High School and at Wellington Teachers' College. Later he spent a year at Dunedin Teachers' College training as an arts and crafts specialist, and in 1958 he was appointed to his present position in Nelson.

Last November he held an exhibition of his work in Wellington, together with the Hamilton artist Para Matchitt, also a school arts and crafts specialist.

Cliff Whiting has executed several commissions for sculpture, including some work for the External Affairs Department and (with Para Matchitt) carved bargeboards for the primary school at Otakou.

Much of his work reflects his interest in the reinterpretation of motifs from traditional Maori art.

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Photography by Ans Westra