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No. 51 (June 1965)

This picture shows a rubbing made from a carving. The remarkable thing is that the carving is not a Maori one. It comes from Taiwan (Formosa), over 6,000 miles from New Zealand, and was made by the fierce head hunters in the interior of the island. It is so similar to Maori art that there can be no doubt that a relationship exists between the two styles.

Several writers have pointed out that Maori art appears to have drawn its inspiration from Chinese sources, and in particular from the Late Chou period (roughly 500 B.C.). The discovery of the Taiwan carving makes this seem still more probable.

The rubbing of the carving, together with a photograph, appears in Douglas Fraser's book ‘Primitive Art,’ published in 1962 by Thames and Hudson, London. It is reproduced here with the kind permission of the publishers.