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No. 50 (March 1965)
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a reception was held in New Zealand House on 27 November 1964 by the High Commissioner, Sir Thomas Macdonald and Lady Macdonald to introduce Canon and Mrs Rangiihu to Maori people at present resident in London. Canon and Mrs Rangiihu are visiting England in connection with the 150th anniversary celebration of Samuel Marsden's mission in New Zealand.

There were 60 people present at the function, 40 of whom were Maori. Many of the people attending have married since their arrival here in England.

The function was a very pleasant one, and during the course of the evening items were performed by members of the London amateur action song group.

The High Commissioner welcomed the Canon, who replied first in Maori, for the sake of those present and because the ‘taha Maori’ had to be satisfied, and then in English. At the end of the evening a vote of thanks to the hosts was proposed by Inia te Wiata.

Those present included: Sir Thomas Macdonald (High Commissioner) and Lady Macdonald; Mr C. Craw, Deputy High Commissioner; Mr M. Moohan, M.P. for Petone; Mr T. Skinner, President, New Zealand Federation of Labour; Archdeacon M. Sullivan, Archdeacon of London, and Mrs Sullivan; Mr A. T. Campbell, Public Relations Officer, New Zealand House.

Maori people present, with their husbands and wives, were:

Miss Hira Tauwhare, actress, of Masterton.

Miss Nona Tauwhare, nurse, of Masterton.

Miss Kay Whaiapu, nurse, of Tauranga.

Mr and Mrs Harry Matiu, mechanic, of Tolaga Bay.

Miss Hana Coffin, nurse, of Ohakune.

Miss Margaret Smith, clerk at New Zealand House, of Kohukohu.

Mr Tom Russell, shop assistant, of Hastings.

Miss Ani Melbourne, nurse, of Ruatoki.

Miss Peti Melbourne, nurse, of Ruatoki.

Mr and Mrs Norman (née Ruth Peta), nurse, of Whangarei.

Miss Gwen Clarke, shop assistant, of Wairoa.

Mr and Mrs Jessop (née Esther Kerr), radiographer, of Tauranga.

Miss Ella Kerr, schoolteacher, of Tauranga.

Miss Pare (Polly) Hopa, student at Oxford, of Gordonton, Hamilton.

Mr and Mrs John Manunui, labourer and milliner, of Wellington.

Mr Manu Iti, cabinetmaker, of Naenae, Wellington.

Mr John Tai, chemist, of Tokoroa.

Mr and Mrs Hemi Wiremu, commissionaire at New Zealand House, of Kaitaia.

Mr and Mrs Hoeroa Marumaru, lawyer, of Wanganui.

Mr Alec Hughes, chemist, of Nelson.

Mr Mat Pine, art student, of Wanganui.

Miss Rose Clark, schoolteacher, of Pamapuria.

Mr and Mrs Windsor, (Mrs Windsor's first name is Rachel, but I am afraid I do not know her maiden name), housewife, of Pamapuria.

Mr and Mrs Jarrett (née Gwen Nikora), schoolteacher, of Ruatoki.

Mr and Mrs Winiata Stevens, schoolteacher, of Horowhenua.

Mr Michael Raimona, shop assistant, of Rotorua.

Mr Kerry B. Davies, schoolteacher, of Rotorua.

Mr and Mrs M. Taiaroa, schoolteachers, of Christchurch.

Mr Winston Halbert, ex New Zealand Army, Taihape.

Miss Raiha Mete, nurse, of Peria, North Auckland.

Miss Frances Ututonga, nurse, of Paihia.

Mr Matiu Mete, retired farmer, of Peria, North Auckland.

Mr and Mrs Woodard (née Peggy Biddle), housewife, of Ruatoki, late of Wellington.

Mr and Mrs K. Rika, hotel proprietor, of Dargaville.

Mr Robert Clark, labourer, of Pamapuria.

Mr T. S. Karetu, information officer, New Zealand House, of Hastings.

Mr and Mrs Inia Te Wiata, opera singer, of Otaki.

The following people were unable to attend the function:

Mr and Mrs Ben Wanoa, schoolteacher, of Tikitiki.

Mr and Mrs D. Salmon (née Winnie Waapu), schoolteacher, of Hastings.

Mr and Mrs Ralph Hotere, art teacher, of Waikato.

Miss Cini Boynton, hairdresser, of Waimana.