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No. 49 (November 1964)
– 22 –

Rudely gazed upon (hence was she called, ‘the Maiden-gazed-upon’).
Belatedly you came but yesterday,
Without thought of danger awaiting you at Awarua;
You slid into the waters
And landed at Hauraki.
Then the voice of Tutawirirangi was heard,
‘O sons! Here is food to eat!
It has been hauled ashore and cut up;
The heart is to be cooked, eaten and consumed—
The heart of Karotimutimu from Taurangakoau.’
Now haul the great canoe until it drags upon the sands,
Let it rest upon the ponga,
Let it rest upon the mamaku,
Let it rest upon the teeming insects,
Let it rest upon the young fern shoots,
O son of mine!