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No. 47 (June 1964)
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The study of Maori chant from its musical point of view, is as yet still in its infancy. At the time of writing little more than a start has been made.

It is hoped that when further material has been collected and analysed, it will be possible not only to find out something about the ways in which the music of one tribe may differ from that of another, but also to go some way further towards discovering principles which may be true of all Maori chant.

Ed.—Mr McLean will be publishing in ‘Te Ao Hou’ a series of transcriptions of chants in musical notation. Most of the songs published will be ones which have already spread beyond their tribal boundaries, and all of them will have been fully released for publication by the performers.

It is hoped to begin the series of transcriptions in the next issue, which appears in September.