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No. 47 (June 1964)
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Other Buildings by John Scott

As well as having built a great many private homes—many of them for clients with limited finance, but some for people who could afford larger and more expensive homes—Mr Scott has designed three other public buildings. All of them, like the Palmerston North Memorial Centre, are widely admired for their beauty and originality of design. They are St John's Chapel at Havelock North, St Patrick's School for Girls at Napier, and the ‘Futuna’ Chapel at the Marist Retreat House in Karori, Wellington.

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Mr John Scott of Hastings, the architect who designed the Maori Battalion Memorial and supervised its building, is widely recognised as being one of the leading architects in the country; and much interest has been shown in his work by visiting architects from overseas.
Both Mr Scott's parents are of part-Maori descent. His father, Mr Charles (Mangu) Scott, who is half Maori and half Scottish, is an Arawa from Ohinemutu, while his mother, formerly Kathleen Hiraani Blake, from Taranaki, is of quarter-Maori descent.
Mr Scott and his wife, formerly Joan Moffat, from Otaki, live at Haumoana near Hastings. They have four children

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As well as designing ambitious public buildings such as the Centre at Palmerston North, Mr Scott often designs family homes for clients who do not have very much money to spend. This house breaks away from many of the stereotypes of lower-cost housing, yet cost, no more than the average State house.
Like the lower-cost houses discussed on pages 235 of this issue of ‘Te Ao Hou’, it has a sunny, sheltered verandah as an extension of the living area