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No. 47 (June 1964)
– 25 –

Not for Everyone, but Well worth Considering

Such a plan might not suit every section and every family, but it may be a type of plan well worth studying.

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Key to Plan

1 Living room
2 Dining space
3 Kitchen
4 Parents' bedroom
5, 6 Boys' and girls' bedrooms
7 Back door, laundry
8 Bathroom
9 W.C.
10 Open air room veranda
This house, also intended for a large family with a limited budget, is designed to make use of new roofing materials which make it easier and cheaper to build houses which are not strictly rectangular. The children's bedrooms are on one side of the house, and the parent's bedroom is on the other side. Between them is an open space which, on a suitable section, would make an excellent ‘outdoor living room’ which could be either roofed over or left as it is. Glass doors open from this open space into the passage, which is approximately seven feet wide and has been designed to act as part of the living room (for example, it would be a wonderful place for children to play on wet days. Because of the glass doors it would not feel cramped).
This plan could easily be modified to provide three children's bedrooms instead of the two shown. The rooms would still be quite large if this were done.