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No. 46 (March 1964)
– 27 –

Hopes of Overseas Study Soon

Recently Muru held a second one-man exhibition of 50 works, and received favourable reviews. In the near future he hopes to go overseas, preferably to Spain, to further his studies.

After a television appearance in Auckland recently, he received the following review in a weekly periodical:

‘Black and white photography cannot do justice to any paintings, but this programme did make me want to see Mr Muru's work in realty, for even in flat shades of black and grey tonings, virility and depth were more than hinted at. The artist himself came across as a quiet yet forthright young man with all the innate dignity of his race.’

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This lively crowd scene has the energy and vitality apparent in all his work. We wish that we could show it to you in colour though, for it depends so much on this for its full effect.