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No. 45 (December 1963)
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Keri Ngapera Kaa

Keri Kaa and Amster
Reedy Head Students'

Keri Ngapera Kaa, a second-year student at Ardmore Teachers' College and this year's College President there, is the first woman ever to hold this position; previously, the job had always gone to a man.

Keri is the daughter of the Rev. Tipi Kaa from Rangitukia, who is the Vicar of the Waiapu Pastorate. Her mother, Hohi Kaa (formerly Whaanga) is from Wairoa. Keri attended the Queen Victoria School for five years, and for another year went to Auckland Girls' Grammar. After this she spent a most interesting year in the United States on an American Field Service Scholarship, then went on to Ardmore.

She says that her position as President has been a tremendous experience.

This year the position of Vice-President, and Men's President, is held by Amster Reedy of Ruatoria. Amster's father is Apirana Turupa (‘Pera’) Reedy. His mother Matekino (‘Dolly’) comes from Tikitiki: her maiden name was Taipa. Amster was formerly Head Perfect at Ngata Memorial College. He is a member of Ardmore's flourishing Maori Club, is in the First Fifteen there, and is a keen sportsman. Like Keri, he is enjoying his work at the College very much.