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No. 40 (September 1962)
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Te Ao Hou

Contents September 1962

The Tohunga Who Went Mutton-birding 5
The Story of Paikea 6
Back to the Mat, Mikaere Worthington 11
The Banishment, Leo Fowler 17
A letter from Maureen 2
Sir Turi Carroll, Sixth Maori Knight 3
Brownie Puriri's World Tour 7
League Meets At Whanganui 8
N.Z. Council of Tribal Executives 10
Maori Soldiers In Malaya, Arena Kahi 21
Maoritanga In the Mire? Alan Armstrong 23
Auckland's Community Centre 25
Fishing by the Moon, Mone Taumaunu 30
Pataka, the Maori treasure houses 32
Maori Warrior's Book of Dreams 38
Gifts for St Stephens', H. D. B. Dansey 41
Te Taou And the Sandhills, Colleen M. Sheffield 42
The Story of Tuwhakairiora, Mohi Turei 49
Letters to the Editor 9
Records, Alan Armstrong 52
Books 53
Sport, Kara Puketapu 55
Farming, Peter Freeth 57
Gardening, H. B. D. Dansey 59
Crossword Puzzle 61
Haere Ki O Koutou Tipuna 63

The cover photo of Maureen Kingi, and the one on page 2, is by Richard M. Poole of the Manawatu Evening Standard.

The drawings on pages 4, 13 and 17 of this issue are by Ralph Hotere; the ones on the back cover and on page 30 are by Gordon Walters, and the one on page 6 by Theo Schoon.