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No. 37 (December 1961)
– 61 –



1. Believe; Faith.
9. Way, path.
11. Flax.
12. Place side by side; Confined
13. But, however.
15. Space; Time.
16. For, since.
18. Clay.
19. Fish.
20. Wild animal.
24. Fortified village.
25. Take off, doff.
26. Pray; Beg.
27. Morning.
30. Lord; Chief.
32. Nose.
33. Where?
34. Head.
37. Belonging to; From.
38. Well; Alive.
39. Burn; Set fire to.
41. Cup.
43. Flash. A shrub.
44. Angel.
45. He.

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Solution to Crossword No. 34


1. Fight.
2. Lift up.
3. Clear; guise, excuse; fence.
4. Bite frequently; nibble.
5. Dash, beat, pound. (pass).
6. Crushed, mashed, soiled; Roe.
7. Prick, stab.
8. Isn't it?
10. Brains, marrow; Front of whare.
13. Wriggle, writhe.
14. Write; Glow.
17. Follow, pursue.
18. Enter, join.
21. Still, yet, again, also, too.
22. Those (near you)
23. Cross.
24. Overcome by sleep.
28. My (pl).
29. Line.
30. Yes.
31. Sweetheart.
32. A fish.
33. Pool; porch verandah.
35. Sharpen, grind; Rumble.
36. Supper.
39. Colour.
40. Gourd.
41. Food.
42. Oven.


Rarawa, the club to which the Yates family have given their allegiance, deserves some mention. This small country club has produced an outstanding number of representative players. In the last 10 years alone, the Rarawa Club has produced players such as Pat Walsh and Victor Yates (All Blacks), John Yates, Rata Harrison, William Harrison (Kiwis), Muru Walters, Henry Phillips (N.Z. Maori All Blacks), Selwyn Robson (N.Z. Services), Ron Berghan (Auckland), George Nathan (Victoria, Aust.), Steve Urlich, Dan Urlich, Fred Graham and others (North Auckland). This is an outstanding record for such a small and isolated area, and one of which Rarawa may feel proud.