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No. 36 (September 1961)
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Articles Page
Why Maoris Choose the Army 7
The Maori Education Foundation, by the Rt Rev. W. N. Panapa, Bishop of Aotearoa 10
The New World, Short Story by He Manuka 11
B.A., M.A. or Doctor? Short Story translated by Sid Mead 17
Primitive Music in New Zealand, by Mary Martin 22
Tukutuku at Tokomaru Bay, by Mrs B. L. Turner 24
Girls Come to the City 28
Revival of Maori Leadership? 32
The Meeting House ‘Te Poho o Tamaterangi’ by Margaret Orbeill 35
Maori Village is Rapidly Modernized, by Alan Taylor 37
Talking of Honesty, Short Story by Rowley Habib 45
Haere Ki o Koutou Tipuna 3
Woodwork: A Simple Wardrobe, by K. Harrison 48
Book Reviews: Warfare of the Maori (Vayda, Maori Warfare, by E. G. Schwimmer 51
The Education Handicap (Ausubel, Maori Youth), by B. E. Souter 54
Farming Newsletter: Farm Work in Spring, by W. J. Petersen 57
The Home Garden: Black Rot in Kumara, by R. G. Falconer 58
Sport: We Saw Communist China during World Table Tennis Championship, by Neti Davis 59
Crossword Puzzle No. 34 61
Records: Still Popular after Thirty Years, by Allen Armstrong 63
Ko te Reo Maori
I Rangona Atu Nga Pu (he waiata)
Te B.A., te M.A., te Takuta Ranei?. na Hirini Moko 17
Ki te Etita (Paahi Moke, Pei te Hurinui) 41
‘Maori Mementos’, na Nau Puriri i Tango Mai i nga Korero o Nehera 42
Kahu Mamahu, na John Wilson 44

The Minister of Maori Affairs: The Hon. J. R. Hanan.

The Secretary for Maori Affairs: J. K. Hunn.

Management Committee: Chairman: B. E. Souter, Asst. Secretary. Members: W. Hetewini, M. R. Jones, W. T. Ngata, E. G. Schwimmer, E. J. Shea, M. J. Taylor.

Editor: E. G. Schwimmer.

Associate Editor (Maori text): N. P. K. Puriri.

Sponsored by the Maori Purposes Fund Board. Subscriptions to Te Ao Hou at 7/6 per annum (4 issues) or £1 for three years' subscriptions at all offices of the Maori Affairs Department and P.O. Box 2390, Wellington, New Zealand.

Registered at G.P.O., Wellington, for transmission through the post as a magazine.

Editorial Address: P.O. Box 2390, Wellington.

published by the department of maori affairs september 1961

printed by pegasus press ltd.

Brief Notices

Maori Section. As Mr W. T. Ngata is now Secretary to the Minister of Maori Affairs, he has relinquished the post of Associate Editor for the Maori text of Te Ao Hou. His place has been taken by Mr N. P. K. Puriri, Assistant Controller of Maori Welfare. It will be his aim to strengthen the magazine's Maori language section and—incidentally—there will also be a change of dialect, as Nau Puriri comes from Tokerau.

Contributions will be published in any of the standard forms of spelling now being used. Mr Puriri favours the use of the macron to show long vowels, but if contributors consistently use the double vowel instead, their spelling will be retained.

Back Issues. It is still possible to buy some back issues of Te Ao Hou by writing to the Editor, Te Ao Hou, P.O. Box 2390, Wellington. We have in stock: a few copies of issues 14, 15, 16 and 17, at 5/- per copy, and copies of issues 18 and following, at 2/6 each. Issues 1–13 are now all sold out.

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Contributions in Maori: Ko tetahi o nga whakaaro nui o Te Ao Hou he pupuri kia mau te reo Maori. Otira ko te nuinga o nga korero kei te tukua mai kei te reo Pakeha anake. Mehemea hoki ka nui mai nga korero i tuhia ki te reo Maori ka whakanuia ake te wahanga o ta tatou pukapuka mo nga korero Maori.

A Disclaimer. The Department of Maori Affairs does not hold itself responsible for the opinions expressed by contributors to Te Ao Hou. We do our best to check the facts, but the responsibility for statements in signed articles remains the author's alone.

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