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No. 32 (September 1960)
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-and higher education

Good foresters are produced only form good recruits. Under expert guidance young men develop into fine citizens with a high sense of pride in achievement.

Administration, imperative to forestry, demands an exceptionally high standard of recruit. Following practical, ‘background’ tuition boys who have University Entrance are encouraged to take degrees in either Arts or Commerce. Professional Trainees are required to complete a Science degree prior to being considered for further overseas forestry training. Science graduates have been sent mainly to the Australian School at Canberra (pictured below) and regularly to Oxford and Edinburgh. One has passed through the French School of Forestry at Nancy.

The success of forestry training has proved the soundness of its basic principles. Without it over the last twenty years there would be little of the forestry achievement we pride today, and little optimism for the future.

Forestry is forever

Issued in the interests of forest protection by The New Zealand Forest Service.