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No. 30 (March 1960)
– 5 –


Haera ki o koutou tipuna 3
Farming Newsletter 54
Books 50
The Home Garden, by R. W. Falconer 56
Crossword Puzzle 60
Te Rauparaha, part 1: Kawhia and the Journey South, by W. Carkeek 6
Puhiwahine—Maori Poetess, part 3, by Pei Te Hurinui Jones 10
Mr Sullivan retires 15
Incorporations, by Matiu te Hau 16
Variety in Maori Housing Design 18
Tai Tokerau Young Maori Leaders' Regional Conference, by Rex Wilson 19
Tainui Tuatahi, na Hirone Wikiriwhi 21
Tomorrow's Leaders, by H. D. B. Dansey 24
Kapu, te ruha, ka hao te rangatahi,’ na Koro Dewes 28
A View From the Younger Generation, by Dr Rina Moore 29
Industry in Normanby, by E. V. Crane 36
A Rare Sculpture, by Dr T. Barrow 38
South East Asia Today, by W. T. Roy 39
Na te take o Tinirau-Whangaparoa-Maitawhiti, na Moana Watiti 42
Conversion, part 3, na Toitu te Whenua 43
Health Trends in the Maori today, by Dr G. Maaka 57
The Status of Maori Women, by Mary Penfold 61

The Minister of Maori Affairs: The Rt. Hon. Walter Nash.

The Secretary for Maori Affairs: J. K. Hunn.

Management Committee: Chairman: B. E. Souter, Asst. Secretary. Members: W. Herewini, M. R. Jones, W. T. Ngata, E. G. Schwimmer, G. H. Stanley, M. J. Taylor.

Editor: E. G. Schwimmer, M.A.

Associate Editor (Maori text): W. T. Ngata, Lic. Int.

Sponsored by the Maori Purposes Fund Board. Subscriptions to Te Ao Hou at 7/6 per annum (4 issues) or £1 for three years' subscriptions at all offices of the Maori Affairs Department and P.O. Box 2390, Wellington, New Zealand.

Registered at G.P.O., Wellington, for transmission through the post as a magazine.

Editorial Address: P.O. Box 2390, Wellington



Brief Notices

Cover Photo: Mr Whatarangi Winiata and Mr Ihakara Puketapu, both members of the Maori Young Leaders Conference. Mr Puketapu is welfare officer in Wellington; Mr Winiata, a public accountant, has gone abroad on a scholarship awarded by Rotary. (Photo: Peter Blanc.)

Erratum. The cover photo on the December issue was incorrectly named as being Mrs Uatohi Gough of Waitara. The photograph shows Mrs Ngate Watene, also of Waitara. Apologies to both ladies.

Mr E. G. Schwimmer who has edited Te Ao Hou from its inception, has taken a year's leave of absence. He is now living at Punaruku, in the Bay of Islands where he teaches at the Maori District High School and hopes to improve his knowledge of the Maori language.

He will be back in Wellington again in the beginning of next year.

During his absence, the magazine will be edited by Mr Bruce Mason who thus far is mainly known in the Maori world for his play ‘The Pohutukawa Tree’, which was performed here in 1957 in various centres, and which was shown on television by the B.B.C. in London last year, with Miss Hira Tauwhare in the main role.

The first issue to be edited by Mr Mason is June 1960 (Issue 31).

Contributions in Maori: Ko tetahi o nga whakaaro nui o Te Ao Hou he pupuri kia mau te reo Maori. Otira ko te nuinga o nga korero kei te tukua mai kei te reo Pakeha anake. Mehemea hoki ka nui mai nga korero i tuhia ki te reo Maori ka whakanuia ake te wahanga o ta tatou pukapuka mo nga korero Maori.

A Disclaimer. The Department of Maori Affairs does not hold itself responsible for the opinions expressed by contributors to Te Ao Hou. We do our best to check the facts, but the responsibility for statements in signed articles remains the author's alone.

The magazine as a text in schools. Our subscription rate for schools is 4/- per year (min. 5 subscriptions). It is gratifying to report that one school has ordered over a hundred copies at this price under the new “free textbook” scheme.