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No. 28 (September 1959)
– 5 –


Of Two Races, by Harry Dansey 6
Yielding to the New, by Arapera Blank 8
Puhiwahine—Maori Poetess by Te Hurinui Jones (First Instalment) 11
Verse by Modern Maori Poets (Rowley Habib, Hone Tuwhare) 16
Dreamer's Return, by Mason H. Durie 18
Ka Haere a Tawhaki Ki te Tangi, na Moko 22
Children Get Together, written and photographed by Peter Blanc 25
Youth Rallies for Worship and Social Activity, photographed by Brian Healy 28
Maori Artists in Building—Old and New 30
1. John Taiapa and the Carved Meeting House of Today, by E. G. Schwimmer 31
2. The work of John Scott, Hawkes Bay Architect, by Louis Johnson 36
Our Town—Letter from Sattanur, by Ka Naa Subramanyam 39
The Struggle Against Fragmentation by ‘Toitu Te Whenua’ 43
Ko te Pakanga Mo Nga Mokamoka Whenua 43
Te Hokowhituaatuumatauenga, na Arapeta A watere 52
Cropping for Supplementary Feed, by R. W. Falconer 53
Sports 54
On the Farm 55
Books 56
Records 57
Crossword Puzzle 58
Eastern Interlude, by Taka Moss 59
Those School Lunches 63

The Minister of Maori Affairs: The Rt. Hon. Walter Nash.

The Secretary for Maori Affairs: M. Sullivan.

Management Committee: Chairman: B. E. Souter, Asst. Secretary. Members: W. Herewini, M. R. Jones, W. T. Ngata, E. G. Schwimmer, G. H. Stanley, M. J. Taylor.

Editor: E. G. Schwimmer, M.A.

Associate Editor (Maori text): W. T. Ngata, Lic. Int.

Sponsored by the Maori Purposes Fund Board. Subscriptions to Te Ao Hou at 7/6 per annum (4 issues) or £1 for three years' subscriptions at all offices of the Maori Affairs Department and P.O. Box 2390, Wellington, New Zealand.

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Editorial Address: P.O. Box 2390, Wellington



In our next Issue:

A Maori Leaders Conference, sponsored by the Auckland Regional Council of Adult Education, took place in Auckland, in the first week of September. To Ao Hou will print a detailed record of the proceedings, with some of the papers delivered by experts at the various sessions.

Several very interesting stories and essays were scheduled for this ‘Maori Writers Issue’ but could not be printed for lack of space. These will appear next December. They are by Tuini Ngawai, Pei Jones, Rora Paki, Peter Taua, Hirone Wikiriwhi.

The following series of articles and stories will be continued: Puhiwahine, by Pei Jones; Tolaga Bay, by Dr D. Sinclair; Tu and the Taniwha, by Kate Shaw; Uenuku or Kahukura, by Tuta Nihoniho; Maori Land Titles, by Toitu Te Whenua.

It is hoped to present an article on the South African Negro by Alan Paton.

A report on the conference of the Maori Women's Welfare League in Napier will be published along with the winning entry, by Ngati Maniapoto, in the Te Puea Trophy Competition.

Back Issues: Some back issues of the magazine have become very scarce, and it has been decided to raise the prices of these issues so as to eke out the supply for the benefit of collectors. Prices per copy are as follows: Issues 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, 17, 5/-; Issue 16, 3/-; Issues 18–27, 2/6.

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Contributions in Maori: Ko tetahi o nga whakaaro nui o Te Ao Hou he pupuri kia mau te reo Maori. Otira ko te nuinga o nga korero kei te tukua mai kei te reo Pakeha anake. Mehemea hoki ka nui mai nga korero i tuhia ki te reo Maori ka whakanuia ake te wahanga o ta tatou pukapuka mo nga korero Maori.

A Disclaimer. The Department of Maori Affairs does not hold itself responsible for the opinions expressed by contributors to Te Ao Hou. We do our best to check the facts, but the responsibility for statements in signed articles remains the author's alone.

Cover Photograph: Farm scene at Torere, Eastern Bay of Plenty (Photo: Peter Blanc)