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No. 26 (March 1959)
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1. Fairy; spirit
11. A gorge; put together
12. Hunger
13. Sinew; muscle
14. Annoy; fuss
16. Slave; to seek
18. Look
19. Gleam; shine
23. Murmur (as wind)
24. Lead; conduct
27. Adorn by sticking in feathers
28. Bust
29. Verbal particle for completed action
30. Blow gently
31. Bosom; chest
33. Floor mat
37. Used sometimes for raua
38. Former times
40. Seat; stool
41. Shrink; recoil
42. Sand
43. The
44. Key
45. Land
47. Shake; earthquake
48. Avenged; paid for
49. Drive; urge
50. Day following; day before
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Solution to Crossword Puzzle No. 24


1. Root of tree
2. Tomorrow
3. Cabbage tree
4. Payment; revenge
5. Beg
6. Nose
7. Trouble; accident
8. Ribbed; furrowed
9. To carry; show gladness
10. Interjection used in poetry
15. George
17. Embrace
18. Charles
20. Don't know
21. Way; path
22. Year
25. Warm; comfortable
26. Peaceful; beautiful
27. Wound
28. Stomach
29. Sledge
30. Chick
32. Dawn
34. Fault
35. Pity; compassion
36. In full supply
39. As if; as it were
43. Cook in an oven
46. Rain

The new powers of school committees for Maori schools were called ‘a very good move’ by Mr W. S. Bestic of Rotokawa, chairman of the Maori schools' committee of the New Zealand Educational Institute. He made this statement during a recent visit to Auckland when he made representations on behalf of the teachers in Maori schools. Among the things the teachers want is official recognition of the Maori language as a school subject in Forms I and II. The committee wants the language taught in Maori schools wherever there is a competent teacher.

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Development of a historic block of Maori land known as Pukerewa (Waikaretu, Waikato) has begun recently. By next March the Department of Maori Affairs expects to have 1500 acres out of a total 2700 in grass.