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No. 25 (December 1958)
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PAUA FRITTERS (Delicious):

Take 4 pauas, shelled cleaned of all trimmings etc., wash well and cut in pieces ready for mincing. I onion medium size, several sprigs of mint and parsley.

Put all these through mincing machine (finest cutter). Whilst mincing, place bowl to catch juice from onion. When this is done, pour juice into minced paua mixture, add salt, pepper to taste, 1 egg broken in whole, flour, milk and mix well to make a mixture as for pikelets (runny). Add when ready to cook, 1 teaspoon baking powder. In a frying pan place small piece of butter or good dripping enough to grease pan. When hot drop mixture as for pikelets which should brown quickly, turn over and cook a few minutes.

I find that parsley and mint apart from flavour give a nice colour.


Take mixture as for fritters cover well with water, simmer until goodness out of paua. Strain before thickening. Season with salt and thicken with cornflour and milk; add some parsley.


Clean and dry paua as in fritters. Place in bag separately and hammer to soften with flat piece of wood. When all hammered, flour and leave ready to cook.

Have an earthenware container or a large enamel pot. Heat up lard and good sweet beef dripping and stand on stove and as a paua is fried, quickly drop into container of hot fat. If there is a large quantity to preserve, use a baking dish with hot dripping and cook in the oven afterwards. When all are cooked and in the container, store for future use. The lard and beef dripping must be fresh and paua well covered. Tahu paua keeps very well. When required take out of container but seal again with fat melted from paua.


Take prepared hammered pauas. After sprinkling with flour, place in baking dish in which fresh dripping has been heated. Slice a cut onion, add salt, and pepper, and bake quickly, drain fat and serve. Paua, like a good steak, need quick cooking.

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This is as given and tried out by Mr Ralph Love.

As for ordinary pickling have vinegar, brown sugar to taste, small quantity of water, seasoning, and onion. Soften paua and cut into small pieces. Simmer in liquid for about 5 minutes and thicken with enough mustard and flour to make usual pickle mixture. Bottle while hot and seal. Keeps indefinitely.