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No. 25 (December 1958)
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The landing of Captain Cook at Anaura Bay (East Coast) was re-enacted in full costume recently, when the National Historic Places Trust established a plaque on the Bay as a memorial to this first contract between the Maori and the British peoples. Most of the members of the Trust had gone to the East Coast for the unveiling and gave suitable addresses. Three boys, representing Captain Cook and two of his crew, came inland in a longboat as the ceremony was progressing. They walked with dignity across the sand and were welcomed by a Maori chief and the people of the village. All were dressed in appropriate costumes. The Maori children playing their parts gave the scene a vivid atmosphere.

During the ceremony, the local Maori people were represented by Mr Peta Maurere.

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A canoe poi to welcome Captain Cook. (John Pascoe photograph)

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A view of Anaura Bay. (John Pascoe photo)


The only record of Captain Cook's visit is found in his own journals, under the dates October 21 and 22, 1769. These entries, which are brief, are worth quoting here as being the oldest written record of Anaura Bay:

“Saturday 21st … In the evening it fell Moderate and we landed and found 2 small streams of fresh water and the natives to all appearances very friendly and peaceable, on which account I resolved to stay one day at least to fill a little water.

Sunday 22nd … as the getting the water from the shore proved so tedious on account of the surf, I resolved upon leaving this place in the morning and accordingly at 5 a.m. we weigh'd and put to Sea. This Bay is called by the Natives Tegadoo, it lies in the Latitude of 38 deg. 16ft but as it has nothing to recommend it so I shall give no description of it. There is plenty of wild sellery and we purchased of the natives about 10 or 15 pounds of sweet potatoes, they have pretty large Plantations of these, but at present they are scarce it being too early in the season.”

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“Captain Cook” and two seamen land at the Bay. (John Pascoe photo)

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Here is the Waikato Party which made a goodwill visit to Te Kao earlier this year. Organized by the Church of England Diocese of Waikato. The party was led by Canon Wi Huata. The party's 2000-mile journey was mainly paid for by concerts. (Northern Advocate photograph)

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Winner of the Beauty Contest at the King Movement Centennial Celebrations. Miss Makarita Tenana. This picture was taken at the Waikato Winter Show. The cloak worn by Miss Tenana was specially made for the occasion and presented to her by Princess Piki. (Waikato Times photograph)