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No. 24 (October 1958)
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Articles and Stories by Arapera Blank 6
Men in a Strange Culture by E. G. Schwimmer 8
The Knight Errantry of Tamahae by Leo Fowler 11
Maori Culture in Schools by K. I. Robertson 18
Maori Action Songs by the Rev. K. Ihaka 24
The Teaching of Maori 26
Lady Buck's Ashes Are Interred 31
Wakahuia or Papahou by W. J. Phillipps 32
Otago Maoris Build in the Old Style—With a Difference, by Teowaina 35
A Maori School for New Farms at Kuratau, by E. J. Crabbe 36
Austria and the Maori People by Walter Brookes 38
A Vienna Journal by Wiremu Toetoe Tumohe 40
The Tougher Repair Jobs by Des Mahoney 44
How We Built Our Homes by C. S. Williams 46
Games of the Old-time Maori, Part II by Hemi Bennett 52
Queen Victoria had a Maori Godson by Alison Drummond 60
Spring is a Special Time for Mats and Carpets 62
Ko Te Reo Maori Na Koro Dewes 17
He Reo No Te Ao Tawhito Na Piwai Toi 22
Ko Te Whakaako O Te Reo Maori Na Wiremu Ngata 24
He Whare Perehi O Te Kingi Na Wiremu Toetoe Tumohe 40
Regular Features Seasonal Work on the Farm 49
Sports: Maori Rugby in Australia by Elsdon Craig 50
The Home Garden: Supplementary Cropping on Dairy Farms by R. G. Falconer 54
Books 55
Letters to the Editor 56
Crossword Puzzle No. 23 57

The Minister of Maori Affairs: The Rt. Hon. W. Nash.

The Secretary for Maori Affairs: M. Sullivan.

Management Committee:

Chairman: B. E. Souter, Asst. Secretary.

Members: M. R. Jones, W. T. Ngata, E. G. Schwimmer, G. H. Stanley, M. J. Taylor.

Editor: E. G. Schwimmer, M.A.

Associate Editor (Maori text):

W. T. Ngata, Lic. Int.

Sponsored by the Maori Purposes Fund Board.

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Registered at G.P.O., Wellington, for transmission through the post as a magazine.

Editorial Address: P.O. Box 2390, Wellington



Maori Authors: In this volume (issues 21—24) we have published twenty-two authors of full or part Maori descent, as well as five Maori children from Oruaiti. Some of these authors published more than one contribution. Works included short stories, folklore, essays of Maori history and culture, and reportage. Eleven of the 22 authors wrote at least some of their contributions in the Maori language. Two of the authors (Wiremu Toetoe and Sir Apirana Ngata) age of a past generation. The others were: Hemi Bennett (Wellington), Arapera Blank (Punaruku), Wattie Carkeek (Wellington), Koro Dewes (Auckland), Rangimarie Hetet (Te Kuiti), Rev. Kingi Ihaka (Wellington), M. R. Jones (Wellington), Rev. Manga Kamarie (Waitara), Kathryn Leef (Mitimiti), Wiremu Ngata (Wellington), Rora Paki (Oparure), Paul Potiki (Wellington), Turoa Royal (Auckland), Kate Shaw (Palmerston North), Pine Taiapa Tikitiki), Teowaina (Dunedin), Ngaio Te Rito (Auckland), Ina Te Uira (Wellington), Piwai Toi (Opononi), Hohepa Topa (Auckland).

Cover Picture: This young musician is John Ryder, of Paparore Maori School. (Photo: Merv Holland.)

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