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No. 20 (November 1957)
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The Department of Maori Affairs has published a second edition of the pamphlet. “Some Educational Facilities for Maori People”. This pamphlet gives up-to-date information on just what financial assistance is available to Maoris in the way of scholarships, trusts, grants, etc., to help them further their education.

The pamphlet discusses career openings for Maoris and accommodation for those who must move from their homes to the centres to take up suitable jobs.

Copies of this pamphlet may be had by applying to the editor, Te Ao Hou, Department of Maori Affairs, P.O. Box 2390, Wellington.

Supplies of the pamphlets as well as being available to individuals and organisations are available for free distribution at huis. Anyone sponsoring or attending a hui who would like a supply of the pamphlets to distribute is invited to write in for a quantity.