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No. 18 (May 1957)
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Puddings for this Winter

The colder days of winter sharpen appetites. Children, always hungry after school seem hungrier, and menfolk working out of doors come home at the end of the day ready for a good dinner. After a generous serving of meat and vegetables a hot pudding rounds off a satisfying meal for a hungry family.

These recipes are not new but have proved their worth over a period of many years.


1. quart of stewed or boiled fruit
4. oz. of sugar
2. oz. of butter
1. egg
4. oz. of sifted flour
1. level teaspoon of baking powder
A pinch of salt
2–3 oz. of milk

Heat the fruit in an ovenproof dish. Cream the sugar and butter together and then beat in the egg. Add the sifted dry ingredients, alternating with the milk, being careful not to over beat the mixture. Pour it on top of the hot fruit and bake it in a moderate oven (350 deg. F) for about 20–30 minutes, depending on the depth of the sponge.


I quart of hot stewed apples. ½ a cup of clean, washed sultanas and some chopped, fresh lemon rind may be cooked with the apples to vary the flavour.

Flaky Pastry

8 oz. of sifted flour
4–6 oz. of butter or a mixture of butter and lard—3 parts of butter to 1 of lard
½ teaspoon of salt

A squeeze of lemon juice (about 1 teaspoon). Sieve the dry ingredients. Cut the fat into small pieces and drop them into the flour. Add the lemon juice and sufficient cold water to make a stiff dough. Chop the mixture with a knife to mix it; do not use a spoon. Roll out the dough and fold it in half twice. Leave it to cool for a few minutes in a refrigerator or in a draughty place. Roll it thinly and place it on the dish of apples. A pie funnel or an egg cup in the centre of the fruit will hold the crust out of the fruit juice. Bake the pie in a hot oven (450 deg. F) until the pastry has risen (about 5–10 minutes) and then reduce the temperature a little (or put the pie on a lower shelf) for he next ten minutes until it is cooked.