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No. 18 (May 1957)
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I would like to draw your attention to the game of Indoor Basketball. This game is played by both men and women and is ideally suited to our Maori people. This article deals with the women's game which is developing quite rapidly.

The game produces a good team spirit besides developing individual talents such as quick thinking, fast movements, skill at ball handling and the ability to weave and dodge besides the enjoyment of participating in a rapidly spreading fast, clean sport.

A typical example of some of our Maori people who take or who have taken an active part in this sport is May Smith of Auckland many times New Zealand representative and one of the most outstanding players in the country. May is still playing and her generalship is responsible for the Auckland team's run of successes in the past few years. This woman has developed an unorthodox hook shot that would be the envy of many a man player. Other well known players from Auckland are June Waititi, a fast, accurate shooting forward prominent at the last National Tournament, and Vi Harrison. When this player is on her shooting she is deadly from any position under the basket.

One of the Wellington players who has contributed to the sport on a National basis is Mahi Potiki many times a Wellington representative guard who has also taken part in the administrative side of the sport. Among the players coming on is Hinea Hikitapua who if she makes the progress expected should develop into a first class player.

At the moment there are a great many Maori girls in the B Grade teams in various centres, one of which Rotorua won the B Grade title in the last National tournament. As these B Grade players develop their skill they must ultimately reach A Grade honours and could worthily represent their Association at the National Tournaments.

From a spectator's point of view this game has much to recommend it. Spectators can derive keen enjoyment from watching two teams in fast, clean sport that gives the players physical and mental fitness of a very high order.

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Two Fijian Sports Teams—Rugby and basketball—will tour New Zealand this year.

The chairman of the New Zealand Rugby Union's executive committee, Mr C. S. Hogg, said that the Fijian Rugby team will tour next July and August, and will play between 13 and 15 matches. Mr Hogg had just arrived from Fiji, where he had negotiations with the Fijian Rugby Union. He said that the Fijians were most enthusiastic about making the tour, and officials had told him that the team would be stronger than either of the two previous sides which have toured New Zealand.

The president of the New Zealand Basketball Association, Mrs R. Lane, has announced that a Fijian basketball team will begin a month's tour of New Zealand on the 11th of August. The itinerary for the team has not yet been decided, but it is intended that the players should travel as widely as possible. The team will play matches at the Dominion championship tournament at Greymouth, and it will also probably play against a team drawn from minor associations in New Zealand. A team from New Zeauand minor associations visited Fiji two years ago.

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M. Harvey (Auckland) won the New Zealand Maori Men's Singles Tennis title in the annual Maori Tennis Tournament held at Hastings recently.

There was an upset when the previous men's title holder, J. Cosgrove (Auckland), was defeated in the semi-final by R. Smith (Nuhaka).

The women's singles was won comfortably by Miss Morrison.

Results of the tourney are as follows:—

Men's singles, final: M. Harvey (Auckland) beat R. Smith (Nuhaka), 6–1, 6–1. Men's doubles, semi-finals: Cosgrove and Harvey (Auckland) beat Herewini and Ormsby, 6–0, 6–0, Eru and Smith (Rotorua) beat Nepia and Whaanga, 6–1, 6–2.

Women's singles, final: Miss R. Morrison (Rotorua) beat Miss J. Edwards (Hastings), 6–0, 6–0. Women's doubles, final: Miss E. Maaka and Mrs T. Maaka (Gisborne) beat A. Rupuka and Miss J. Edwards (Hastings), 6–0, 6–2. Girls' singles, final: Miss K. Christie (Wairoa) beat Miss M. Edwards (Gisborne), 6–2, 6–1. Boys' singles, final: E. Hopa (Rotorua) beat A. Horsfall (Gisborne), 9–7, 6–3.

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At Waikanae beach, Mr John Edwin recently caught a shark with his bare hands.

He was on the beach when the alarm went up that a shark, six feet in length, was in the water. Swimmers came running out of the sea. Mr Edwin ran into the sea and placed himself into position for a grab at the tail with both hands. He quickly hauled the shark backwards onto the beach. Then he killed the big fish with a piece of wood.

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