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No. 18 (May 1957)
– 21 –

Hauhau to the Christian Faith. Well now, how many churches have we erected throughout Waikato? How many lay-readers are there to make up for the lack of Pastors? How many adults have there been baptised? It is nigh on forty years when last there was a church service, and children were baptised. So I ask you, how many children, how many adults have had the benefit of baptism? How many condidates have there been presented for confirmation, or, are ready for confirmation? Is there an increase in the number of communicants? How many Sunday Schools are there? How much has been collected for stipends? Look for the fruits in the light of those questions, the fruits that show the Church's progress. It is true that people come to church at ordinary Maori meetings, that is one of the church's duties. The leaf however is leaf, but the fruit is fruit. Brethren, you may say that my fore-going words are disheartening, no, but lest you may glory in false praise, they are given to stir us.”

It is true that the Church was abandoned for forty years. A generation must pass perhaps, before Te Karaka's questions will be answered. Advancing God's work and practising them are tasks for man on earth to perform.