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No. 14 (April 1956)
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News in Tokerau 6
From Te Hapua to Invercargill, by Elsdon Craig 7
Marae and college, by Ngata P. Pitcaithly 8
Te Kauwhau a Hamuera Matenga, na Hoterene Keretene 10
Te Rangiatahua Royal, by Pei Te Hurinui Jones 12
Our Literary Competition 15
Winning stories: He Korero Hararei—A Holiday Story, by H. Te M. Wikiriwhi 16
I failed the test of life, by Mason Durie 22
The sky wept at Waitangi, by Stanhope Andrews 24
In the Shadow of Ruapehu, by E. Schwimmer 28
The Kaitaia Lintel, Is it Maori? by Dr Gilbert Archey 32
Achievement of a conference 37
Te Pua a Hinemahanga 45
Tuini Ngawai 46
The home garden, by R. Falconer 51
I shall play tennis all my life, by Michael Lindsay 52
Books for older children, by J. C. Sturm 54
Seasonal work on the farm, by Dixon Wright 56
Crossword puzzle no. 14 57
Women's world—The hand that rocks the cradle, by Lucienne Noblet 58
Making cushions, by Betty Johnston 60
Mothercraft, by Keritapu 61
The Magic Tree (Cartoon) 63

The Minister of Maori Affairs: The Hon. E. B. Corbett.

The Secretary for Maori Affairs: T. T. Ropiha, I.S.O.

Management Committee: C. J. Stace, LL.B., C. M. Bennett, D.S.O., M.A., DIP.ED., DIP.SOC.SC., W. T. Ngata, LIC.INT., E. G. Schwimmer, M.A., M. J. Taylor.

Editor: E. G. Schwimmer, M.A.

Sponsored by the Maori Purposes Fund Board.

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Registered at the G.P.O., Wellington, for transmission through the post as a magazine.

published by the maori affairs department 1 april 1956