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No. 13 (December 1955)
– 5 –


Progress in a Northland Community 6
Maori Students Organise 10
Te Korero Mo Potaka-Tawhiti 11
His Work Survived a Century. (Rev Richard Taylor) 15
Baroness von Trapp Speaks on Maori Art 18
Youth of Mangakino 20
Water Can Be Dangerous 21
For All the Saints, by J. C. Sturm (Short Story) 22
Making a Cloak is Not So Difficult 26
Love for the Afflicted 28
Our Record of Three Vanished Houses 30
The Film of Ruatoki 34
Proverbial and Popular Sayings of the Maori, by H. T. M. Wikiriwhi 41
Tawhaki Goes to Town, by Moko 44
The Home Garden, by R. Falconer 46
Children Write from Waiohau 46
Why the Snail Carries His Shell With Him 47
Sports, by Paul Potiki 48
Maori Trust Boards Act 49
Books 52
Seasonal Work on the Farm, by Dixon Wright 55
Crossword Puzzle No. 13 56
Women's World 57
Mothercraft, by Keritapu 60
The Magic Tree, Cartoon by Mark Tapsell 62

The Minister of Maori Affairs: The Hon. E. B. Corbett

The Secretary for Maori Affairs: T. T. Ropiha, I.S.O.

Management Committee: C. J. Stace, L.L.B. C. M. Bennett, D.S.O., B.A., DIP.ED., DIP.SOC.SC., W. T. Ngata, LIC.INT., E. G. Schwimmer, M.A., M. J. Taylor.

Editor: E. G. Schwimmer, M.A.

Sponsored by the Maori Purposes Fund Board.

Subscriptions to Te Ao Hou at 7/6 per annum (4 issues) or £1 for three years' subscriptions at all offices of the Maori Affairs Department and P.O. Box 2390, Wellington, New Zealand. Retail Price: 2/-

Registered at the G.P.O., Wellington, for transmission through the post as a magazine.


Our Cover: Bathtime in one of New Zealand's six Health Camps. Children, both pakeha and Maori, are sent to these camps for six weeks when they are in poor health and most of them soon recover. Photo: Hill Thomas.

Stories Wanted: Te Ao Hou still requires more writers and artists. We want fact and fiction; we want Maori or English writing; we want drawings and photographs. Here is an opportunity for an absorbing pastime, and the chance to earn a little extra as well. Let us know what is happening where you live. News items on happenings throughout the country, sports news and obituary notices are always gratefully received.

Our Next Issue:

  • We are devoting a large part of the March issue to Tokerau (Northland), an area where we have previously not been able to get many stories. Together with a series of stories with a Tokerau background, written by Maori and pakeha authors, there will be a series of photographs specially made for Te Ao Hou as well as some very remarkable original drawings.

  • The late W. W. Bird's long article on ‘Songs of the Maori’ will be concluded in the March issue. This article, based on Sir Apirana Ngata's prefaces to Nga Moteatea I and II, represents the fullest treatment of Maori poetry ever published in English.

  • At last the results of our second Literary Competition will appear in March. They have been really encouraging and we are able to publish some worthwhile stories in Maori and English by hitherto unknown Maori authors.

  • The stories: The People Wanted Homes (Raetihi) and Life Story of Tuini Ngawai will also be in this issue, as well as a description of the building of the new meeting house in Bulls by artists specially trained for this work in their ancient crafts.

Renewal of Subscriptions: Almost daily Te Ao Hou meets innocent looking ex-subscribers who vaguely complain they have not seen Te Ao Hou for some time and why did we not tell them their subscription had expired. It is our practice to enclose a renewal form in the copy of every subscriber whose renewal is due. Please have a look whether your copy includes such a form. If it does fill it in and send us your renewal today.