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No. 13 (December 1955)
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When I found myself in charge of a small boy who seemed to be a confirmed bed-wetter, I was rather at a loss as to the best thing to do to effect a cure. He was not quite six years old, and I felt sorry for him. He would crawl so slowly and dismally out of his wet bed in the mornings—in direct contrast to my own youngster's lively awakening. Determining to show no annoyance at the extra work caused by this unfortunate habit. I made it clear to him that he would not be punished for wet beds but rewarded for dry beds. I stopped putting linen sheets on his bed, using pieces of old blankets and cotton blankets, with a large piece of cheap plastic over the mattress. Placing a money-box on a table beside his bed. I told him I would give him a penny each morning I found his bed dry.

I bought a little chamber pot and put it handy for his use. So now, in a warm bed, with the prospect of reward to come and no fear of unkindness in the morning the stage was set for improvement. (His evening meal was always fairly dry, meat, vegetables, and a sweet without too much gravy or juices and no drinks after 4 p.m.)

I am gratified to say that after only three months with me this little boy has now gone sixteen nights in a row without wetting his bed. He is much happier and I do not think he will have a relapse.

—Mrs J. TE RITO.

* * *

A dressmaking factory has been erected at Kawhia and has been in operation now for about a month. There are five Maori women, four of them girls under 21 years of age, working as seamstresses. Working conditions are really good.

Plans for additional buildings to be erected are being draughted and the proprietress is envisaging a scheme of forming a company, giving her workers an opportunity of taking shares in the concern.

This project will certainly help solve the problems of employment for girls in the Kawhia area.

* * *

A 25-year-old Maori baritone singer won nine prizes at the recent Wellington competitions. He is Mr Sydney Tawera, of Wellington.