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No. 13 (December 1955)
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No. 13

Twelve solutions were received to puzzle number 12, but unfortunately only three of these entirely agreed with the key solution. The prize goes again to a member of the younger generation, namely Master Perenu Callaghan, St Stephens School, Auckland, chosen by lot out of the three correct solutions. A guinea prize is again offered for one correct solution to puzzle number 13. If more than one correct solution is received the winner will be determined by lot. Send to Te Ao Hou by February 15, P.O. Box 2390, Wellington.


1. whitebait
2. broad daylight
10. fire
11. long wooden trumpet
12. current
13. to drag or haul
15. groan or cry
16. to cut or lacerate
18. south-east sea breeze
20. hostile expedition
21. large town in King Country
24. louse
25. to obtain by coaxing
28. preparation of kumara
30. tattoo
31. third and last vowels in alphabet
32. current
33. to glow, show red
37. time or season
39. suburb of Auckland
40. to lift
42. to glow
43. to come out on the other side
45. to open cockles or mussels
47. to seek


1. Maori curse word
2. to utter incantations over
3. interjection used in poetry and sometimes in prose
4. daytime
5. presently, to-day
6. leg, foot
7. yes
8. side or edge
9. distant, out of reach
13. to ebb
14. raw
15. adverb, away from speaker
17. smoke
18. originate
19. be understood
20. abundance, plenty
22. day following
23. to drink
26. as for 3 down
27. distant
29. oven
30. be effected or accomplished
34. to be tossed about
35. a personal pronoun