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No. 11 (July 1955)
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Land under Maori Management 6
Hinepoupou and Te Oriparoa, by W. W. Bird 11
Songs of the Maori, by W. W. Bird 13
Three Generations of Hiras, by Melvin Taylor 17
Problems at Otiria 19
Proverbial and Popular Sayings of the Maori,
by H. T. M. Wikiriwhi
Pig Management, by Dixon Wright 24
League Women Meet 26
Places and Things 28
Traditional Poiballs 32
The Maori and The Mountains, by John Pascoe 36
The Lapps: The Last Nomads of Europe 39
Why The Kea Lives on Top of The Mountain,
by G. N. Lansdown
Care of Fruit Trees, by R. Falconer 45
Tribal Committees at Work 46
Dictionary in The Making 50
Books 53
Sports, by Paul Potiki 54
Crossword Puzzle 56
Women's World 57
The Leagues are Judged 57
Curtains, by Betty Johnston 58
Winter Vegetables 60
Mothercraft, by Keritapu 63

The Minister of Maori Affairs: The Hon. E. B. Corbett

The Secretary for Maori Affairs: T. T. Ropiha, I.S.O.

Management Committee: C. J. Stace, LL.B., C. M. Bennett, D.S.O., B.A., DIP.ED., DIP.SOC.SC., W. T. Ngata, LIC.INT., E. G. Schwimmer, M.A., M. J. Taylor.

Editor: E. G. Schwimmer, M.A.

Sponsored by the Maori Purposes Fund Board Subscriptions to Te Ao Hou at 7/6 per annum (4 issues) or £1 for three years' subscriptions at all offices of the Maori Affairs Department and P.O. Box 2390, Wellington, New Zealand.

Registered at the G.P.O., Wellington, for transmission through the post as a magazine.


1 JULY 1955

Our Cover: To illustrate our article on Maori in corporations, we visited Morikau Station, on the Wanganui River, which has returned to the owners' control just recently. When Te Ao Hou visited this station, everybody warned us not to forget the lake with the paradise ducks—it would make a grand picture. We have not forgotten it. (Charles Hale Photograph.)

Gone, No Address”: We receive many copies of Te Ao Hou with these words stamped on them. These copies belong to subscribers but they never reach their destination, because the subscribers have moved on without telling us their new address. Please remember, when you go to live elsewhere, to send a postcard to Te Ao Hou, P.O. Box 2390, Wellington.

Renewal of Subscriptions: Almost daily Te Ao Hou meets innocent looking ex-subscribers who vaguely complain they have not seen Te Ao Hou for some time and why did we not tell them their subscription had expired. It is our practice to enclose a renewal form in the copy of every subscriber whose renewal is due. Please have a look whether your copy includes such a form. If it does fill it in and send us your renewal today.

Stories Wanted: Te Ao Hou still requires more writers and artists. We want fact and fiction; we want Maori or English writing; we want drawings and photographs. Here is an opportunity for an absorbing pastime, and the chance to earn a little extra as well. Let us know what is happening where you live. Incidentally, we also welcome items of family news.

Our New Photographer: Since Mr Ashton's departure for America, Mr Charles Hale has taken over as Te Ao Hou's staff photographer. Mr Hale continues to work for the Dominion Museum and we are grateful to Dr Falla, the director of the museum, for permission to use his services. Mr Hale is also advising Te Ao Hou on layout and typography.

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The Maori and Asia.


Child Art.


Progress in a Maori Village (Panguru, Northland).


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A Wellington Dancing Group: Ngati Poneke Club.


Gathering Greenstone in Ancient Times.


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