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No. 11 (July 1955)
– 59 –

For a plain material it is best to pull a thread before cutting. Turn up 3 inches for the hem and 2 inches for the heading. If two or more widths are to be joined together, this may be done with a french or a flat fell seam. All selvedges (plain edges of the material) should be removed, as they are inclined to shrink. Hem the sides with small hems. The bottom hems can be weighted every 2 feet with small lead weights or with pennies enclosed in small muslin bags. For a good finish sew the hems.

Attach the lining at the top of the curtain and catch it every 12 inches down the sides. Leave the bottom free.


Curtains may be hung on rods or on tracks. If rods are used, rings will have to be sewn on to the heading of the curtain 1 inch from the top.

A special tape obtainable from furnishing shops is sewn on to the curtains to be hung from tracks and hooks are fitted into slots in the tape. These in turn hook into rollers on the track.

* * *

The outstanding Maori girl tennis player, Ruia Morrison, won three titles in the New Zealand junior lawn tennis championships at Auckland.

Miss Morrison's partner in the girls' doubles was another leading Maori player. Miss Dewes, of Wellington.