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No. 11 (July 1955)
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Planting Fruit Trees:

Trees should be ordered early in the year. The late placing of orders may result in disappointment through the non-fulfilment of the order. Strong well branched two year old trees will prove the most satisfactory. When trees are received from the nursery they should be unpacked with-out delay and heeled in in a damp shady position to await planting in their permanent position. Take care that the roots are well covered with earth. Apples, peaches, plums and apricots should be spaced from 12 to 18 feet apart. Holes should be dug if possible sometime before planting commences and a good dusting of bonedust applied; about 1 lb. per tree would suffice. Be careful to plant the tree at the same depth that it was growing in the nursery, not too deep and not too shallow. This is most important. Usually one can note the colour of the bark which is pale beneath the surface and darker where exposed to the daylight.

Always tramp the soil thoroughly after planting so as to consolidate trees and exclude air from the rooting system.

A schedule for spraying citrus and tree tomatoes will appear in our next issue.

Preparation of Bordeaux Mixture:

To make 4 gallons: Powdered bluestone may be dissolved readily in 2 pints of hot water in an earthenware or wooden vessel. Bluestone crystals may be tied in sacking and suspended just touching the hot water. Mix the hydrated lime to a thin paste with 2 pints of water. When bluestone is dissolved add 3 ½ gals, of water and then thoroughly mix the 2 pints of hydrated lime with the bluestone solution, stirring rapidly for a few minutes.

Containers for spraying and mixing sprays should be of copper, brass, wood or earthenware. Bordeaux must be used within 8 hours. after mixing.

All quantities given in this spray programme are for 4 gallons of spray.


Time of Application Treatment Pest or Disease
Early Green Tip
Bordeaux Mixture. Bluestone 6 ½ ozs.
Hydrated Lime 5 ozs. 4 gals. water.
Open Cluster to Pink Lime Sulphur 1/3 pint, 4 gals. water. Blackspot.
Powdery mildew.
Petal Fall Arsenate of Lead 1 ¼ ozs. Hydrated Lime
3 ozs. 4 gals. water.
Codling Moth.

Thereafter every 18 to 21 days until picking commences.


Blossom, bud move-
ments usually early
to mid-August for
most varieties.
Bordeaux, Bluestone 6 ½ ozs. Hydrated Lime.
5 ozs. 4 gals. water.
Leaf Curl.
Shot hole fungus
Bladder plum.

Important: Bordeaux is the only spray for control of leaf curl. Buds must just be swelling prior to breaking.

Late pink, Petal fall.
Repeat every 3 to 4
weeks until two weeks
before picking.
Lime Sulphur 1/3 pt. 4 gals. water.
Lime Sulphur 1/3 pt. 4 gals. water.
Brown rot.
Brown rot.
Leaf rust.

BERRY FRUITS (Not Strawberry)

Greentip about September
Bordeaux Mixture, Bluestone 6 ½ ozs.
Hydrated Lime 5 ozs. 4 gals. water.
Bordeaux Mixture, Bluestone 4 ozs.
Hydrated Lime 5 ozs. For Raspberry
and Loganberry add 1 ¼ ozs. Arsenate
Leaf spot.
Cane wilt.
Leaf spot.
Cane wilt.
Bud moth.


September and October Bordeaux Mixture, Bluestone 4 ozs.
Hydrated Lime 5 ozs.
Brown spot.
April, May, June Bordeaux Mixture, Bluestone 4 ozs.
Hydrated Lime 5 ozs.
Grease spot.

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Tribal Committees are a big movement in Maori life today. Since they were started in 1945, 467 have been formed and seeing that they have, on the average, 10 members, this means there are 4,670 Maoris who serve on tribal committees—one out of every fourteen adults is a member.