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No. 7 (Summer 1954)
– 40 –


This photo shows most of the Maori actors in the film ‘The Seekers' at present being made, at the Rank's Organisation Pinewood Studios outside London.

Front row (sitting), left to right: M. Winiata (Technical Adviser), Ngati Ranginui, Tauranga; Anne Ngata, Ngati Porou, East Coast; Bob Asher, Assistant-Director, England; Benita Hogg, Ngati Maru, Hauraki; Kiri Sparkes, Ngati Poneke, Wellington; Madge Lawson, Te Whanau-a-Apanui, East Coast; (half-hidden); Ngaire Nathan, Ngati Toa, Wellington; Ken Annakin, Director, England; Rene Heimer (stand-in for Laya Raki—main Maori female actor in film), England: Del Butt, Te Arawa, Rotorua; Gay Rikihana, Ngati Raukawa, Otaki; Pera Jackson, Ngati Akarana, Auckland.

Middle row (left to right): Pat Rawiri, Tuhoe, Ruatoki; Mac Hata, Ngaitai, Torere; Win Stevens, Ngati Raukawa, Otaki; Noel Currie, Ngati Raukawa, Gisborne; Joe Ward-Holmes, Ngatitama, South Island; (sitting) Marama Koea, Te Atiawa, New Plymouth; B. Turner, Ngapuhi, Coromandel; Ngaroma Findlay, Ngapuhi, Hamilton; Eddie Baker, Ngapuhi, Kaikohe.

Back Row (left to right): Ian Scott. Auckland; Les Hughes, Ngati Porou, Gisborne; Bruce Palmer, Ngati Poneke, Wellington; Bill Baskerville (stand-in for Jack Hawkins—leading actor in the film), England (father a New Zealander); Peggy Bax, Australia; George Peters, South Africa (grandmother a Maori); Stan Morrell, England (stand-in for Inia Te Wiata, main Maori actor), Ngati Raukawa; M. R. Findlay, Hamilton, New Zealand.

With the exception of Eddie Baker who was specially taken to England for a part in the film, the Maori and other New Zealanders in the group were engaged while following other occupations during their stay in Great Britain. Most of the women are either teaching or nursing, while the men are studying or teaching and holidaying in England. The period spent in Britain so far is from a few months to over two years. All the members of the group have also spent varying periods on the Continent. The Director and the Producer of the Film have been well pleased with the performance of the Maori actors, familiarity with Maori life adding realism to many of the more important scenes.