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No. 5 (Spring 1953)

but vigilance protects our exotic forest wealth…

Our forests of pines and other exotic conifers are imflammable, but fire prevention and fire precautions can keep the risk of fire loss down to the level of an ordinary, legitimate business risk.

The fire hazards are known and the protection of individual forests from fire has been developed on sound, practical lines by the Forest Service and other forest owners. Aerial patrols and look-outs make for early detection of outbreaks of fire, and well-equipped, highly-trained fire crews can be mobilised immediately. If necessary, the full strength of the national fire-control organisation can be brought to bear.

With forest fires, as with human ills, prevention is better than cure. The Forest Service and other forest owners can deal directly with risks from forest operations such as logging. But by and large, only you can prevent forest fires — farmers, motorists and all who live near or pass by the exotic forests.

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Prevent Forest and Country Fires
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