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No. 5 (Spring 1953)
– 5 –



Another Successful MWWL Conference 6
Te Rangihiroa Now Rests in his Homeland 9
Rev. Mohi Turei, a biography by R. T. Kohere 10
Tuwhakairiora, by Rev. Mohi Turei 12
Epi Shalfoon, Most Popular Musician, by Bert Peterson 19
The Tribes Exchange Opinions 21
First Maori Studfarm Established 23
Orakei Today 27
Italy After Ten Years 28
Kawiu Pa Makes Up For Lost Time 30
Maori Art Studies 34
Queen Victoria School Jubilee, by Mel Taylor 36
Carved Meeting House for Waiwhetu 39
Let's Have a Meeting, Part II, by Beatrice Ashton 44
Government Prepares for Maori Reception of Queen 60
The Maori Affairs Bill 61


Obituaries, Hare Ki O Koutou Tipuna 3
Notes from a Museum, by W. J. Phillipps 40
Maori Personalities in Sport, by Paul Potiki 41
Women's World 44
You and Tuberculosis 48
For Younger Readers 51
Maori Poetry 55
News In Brief 56
Crossword Puzzle 63


The Management Committee of Te Ao Hou regrets to announce that an increase will have to be made in the subscription rate in the near future. From the modest magazine originally planned Te Ao Hou has become a fully illustrated quarterly, that has to have reporting staff and a photographer on the road, and employ the best writers and artists. We felt that nothing but the best is never very cheap. In order to keep the magazine afloat we have to balance our books—although the Maori Purposes Fund has given much initial support—and we must ask everyone who is prepared to help in the progress of Maori culture to continue supporting us at the new rate. Although higher than before, this new rate is in line with the cost of other similar publications in this country.

Therefore, from 15 December onwards, the rates will be:

Yearly subscription 7/6.

3-Yearly subscription, £1.

NOTE CAREFULLY: At present we still accept subscriptions at the lower rate. The rates will not go up until 15 December. Make use of this last opportunity and SUBSCRIBE TODAY. All those who have subscribed before that date will receive Te Ao Hou for the old price until their current subscriptions have expired.