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No. 4 (Autumn 1953)
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Attention to the existence of officially established agencies which can help Maoris to find suitable employment has been drawn by the Employment Office of the Maori Affairs Department following an enquiry to Te Ao Hou by a correspondent in Masterton. The correspondent wrote saying it seemed it would be of great benefit to the Maori people to have some sort of employment agency set up in each community.

When the correspondent's enquiry was referred to the Employment Officer of the Maori Affairs Department, he said such agencies already existed.

‘It is the special sphere of the Labour and Employment Department to find work for any person, whether pakeha or Maori, who is out of work or wanting certain positions,’ he said. ‘There are branch Offices of the Department in all the main centres. There is one in Masterton Any person can call and discuss his or her problem.

‘Under the Maori Social and Economic Advancement Act, 1945, Maori Welfare Officer have been appointed to act, when required, as a liaison between members of the Maori race and the Labour and Employment Department any other Government Departments, and with the general public in all matters of employment.

‘A special employment section has been created in the Department of Maori Affair for the purpose of directing the youth of the Maori race into useful and worthwhile avenue of employment, and in the establishment of hostels to accommodate Maori boys and girl coming into the main cenres for employmen training and further studies.’


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