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No. 4 (Autumn 1953)
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Bordeax Mixture.—To make: 4 gals powdered bluestone may be dissolved readily in 2 pints of hot water in an earthenware or wooden vessel. Bluestone crystals may be tied in sacking, and suspended just touching the hot water. Mix the hydrated lime to a thin paste with 2 pints of water. When bluestone is dissolved, add 3/2 gals of water, and then thoroughly mix the 2 pints of hydrated lime with the bluestone solution, stirring rapidly for a few minutes.

Containers for spraying and mixing sprays should be of copper, brass, wood or earthenware. Bordeaux must be used within 8 hours after mixing.

All quantities given in the spray programme below are for 4 gallons of spray.


Time of ApplicationTreatmentPest of Disease
Early green tip (September)Bordeaux Mixture: Bluestone 6ozs, Hydrated Lime 5ozs, Water 4 gals.Blackspot
Open cluster to pinkLime Sulphur 1/3 pint, Water 4 gals.Black Spot Powdery Mildew
Petal Fall Thereafter, every 18 to 21 days, until picking commencesArsenate of Lead 1ozs, Hydrated Lime 3ozs, Water 4 gals.Codlin Moth


Blossom, bud movements usually early to mid-August for most varieties. (Important: This is the only spray for control of leaf curl. Buds must be swelling prior to breaking.)Bordeaux Mixture: Bluestone 6ozs, Hydrated Lime 5ozs, Water 4 gals.Leaf Curl Shot-hole Fungus Bladder Plum
Late pink, petal fall Repeat every 3 or 4 weeks, until two weeks before pickingLime Sulphur 1/3 pint, Water 4 gals.Brown Rot Leaf Rust