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No 3. (Summer 1953)
– 44 –


The ice cream of former times which, as its name indicated, was made of cream, is very old. The Chinese made it 600 years ago. But the modern ice, made from custard, was invented by accident by Sadie Johnson, Negro cook at the White House, during the Presidency of James Madison, and her reward was a night in gaol on charge of poisoning her master's guests.

When a party was cancelled, she placed some custards in an ice-box to cool, and forgot about them until the next function, two days later.

She did not know she was serving ice cream, and the first guest who tasted it did not know either. ‘Poison’, he shrieked, and the terrified Negress was immediately arrested. The party ended in turmoil. The President's wife, curious, had a cautious taste of the custards when the visitors had gone. She was thrilled by their delicious flavour.

Sadie Johnson was now released from gaol and given a rise of five dollars a month. The frozen custards were soon all the rage in the White House. Before long every embassy was serving them, and the new delicacy was on sale in cafes and shops.—The Standard.