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No. 2 (Spring 1952)
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Many people have asked for information on scholarships available to Maoris. From the small amount of applications that come in for some of the scholarships, notably the special Maori University Scholarships, it would appear that people are not sufficiently aware of their existence.

Parents have an obvious duty to know what scholarships exist, and to make their children compete for them where this is desirable. When the scholarships are won, the parents are also expected to exert their influence to make their child's education a success. At recent conferences an increase in the number of scholarships has been urged, and it will be much easier to bring about such an increase if the present scholars are successful.

Scholarships available to Maoris can be subdivided into two groups: those available to Maoris only, and those available to the whole community. To qualify for scholarships in the second group, Maori scholars compete with Pakeha scholars on equal terms.


1Maori Post-Primary Scholarships

These scholarships have a value of £75 boarding allowance for boys, and £70 for girls. They are tenable for four years. Closing date for applications is July 27. Each year 90–100 are awarded, so that the number current is about 300–330.

Maori boys and girls in attendance at any registered primary school are qualified for the scholarships if—


they are predominantly of Maori descent, i.e., pure Maori or of race intermediate.


they obtained a Primary School Certificate, or equivalent, or higher qualification;


there is no secondary school, district high school or technical school, which (without living away from home) they can reasonably be expected to attend, as holders of free places, under regulations covering free places in secondary schools.

These scholarships are tenable at the following Maori Post-Primary schools:


Te Aute College
St. Stephen's College
Wesley College
Hato Paora College
Parorangi, Feilding
St. Peter's College, Northcote
Northcote College
Wellington College
Gisborne High School
Dannevirke High School
Whakatane High School


Hukarere Maori Girls' High School, Napier
St. Joseph's Maori Girls' High School, Greenmeadows
Turakina Maori Girls' College, Marton
Queen Victoria Maori Girls' College, Auckland
Te Waipounamu Maori Girls' School, Christchurch
Wanganui Technical

2Ngarimu Scholarships

The value is £40 boarding allowance, and £60 cash. The scholarship is tenable for four years. The closing date of applications is announced in the Education Gazette. Any Maori is eligible, regardless of the amount of Maori blood. The Ngarimu Scholarship Fund Board awards two scholarships each year–one to a boy and one to a girl. Usually the top boy and girl in the Maori Scholarship Examination is selected. The winners can attend any secondary school provided the Board consents.

3University Scholarships

This scholarship consists of £40 boarding allowance, £30 cash, full fees, and free passage to and from University once a year. Applications close on March 31. To qualify, students must have a good pass in University Entrance, and a recommendation, by their principal or by an inspector, as being suitable in all respects for undertaking a University course. Up to six of these scholarships are awarded annually.


The following scholarships, bursaries and boarding allowances are awarded to Pakeha and Maori students according to merit:

1Primary and Post-Primary Boarding Allowances

These have a value of 15s. a week. They are intended for:


pupils requiring two foreign languages;

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pupils over 15 years of age, following an industrial or agricultural course;


pupils who cannot obtain locally a course in shorthand-typing;


second-year pupils requiring a preparatory course for a technical bursary.

These allowances are tenable on the following conditions:


satisfactory attendance, progress and conduct;


no daily transport to and from school available;


the distance to and from school too great for bicycle or horseback;


no free season tickets have been issued, or conveyance allowance paid;


no other boarding allowance paid by the Government;


payment may be declined if the pupil holds a bursary or scholarship.

2Secondary Schools' Boarding Allowances

These have a value of £40 a year. They are tenable for two years at an accrediting school only. (Any teacher can explain what this means.)

Closing date of application is January 15. Candidates may apply in anticipation of examination passes.

To be eligible for these allowances pupils must have School Certificate or University Entrance. They must be 18 on January 15. There must be a necessity for living away from home. These allowances are not available to the holder of any other bursary, scholarship, grant, or allowance for educational purposes except with the authority of the Director of Education.

Pupils are expected to take a National Boarding Bursary or University Scholarship Course. They may not matriculate, or do University work.

In the second year these allowances may be held at a large accrediting school providing special facilities, even if the bursar can attend an accrediting school nearer home.

3Technical Bursaries

These have a value of £40 a year boarding allowance. They are tenable for one year, with extension to two or three years if progress is satisfactory at schools approved for the purpose. Closing date of application is November 30.

To qualify for these allowances, pupils must have completed a two-year Post-primary course preparatory to the special course proposed, i.e., in agriculture, art, building construction, homecraft or engineering. Pupils must be under 17 on January 15. There must be necessity for living away from home.

These allowances are not available to holders of any other bursary, scholarship grant or allowance for educational purposes, except with the authority of the Director of Education.

4War Bursaries

There are war Bursaries for Post-primary schools, night classes, full-time university or agricultural college course, or part-time university course. They are available to children of deceased or disabled servicemen to enable them to continue their education. They are tenable up to the age of 23 years. Their value is, for Post-primary schools. £30 boarding allowance, £25 cash and £10 travelling allowance. For full-time university or agricultural course there is a boarding allowance of £40, plus a cash allowance of £30, as well as full fees. Part-time university students under these bursaries obtain full fees and £10 in cash.

Many scholarships, bursaries and allowances are available to scholars who pass successfully through secondary school. For every academic interest and every profession, such as medicine, dentistry, agriculture, engineering, mining, physical culture, music, art, etc., there are scholarships available. The full list is too long to print here. Te Ao Hou will always be pleased to give more information if desired.