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No. 2 (Spring 1952)
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No. 2

Everybody connected with Te Ao Hou must offer his profound apologies for our first Crossword Puzzle—the proofreader did not notice the misprints, the artist failed to black one square and put one numeral in the wrong position. It was all a terrible flop. This time the crossword has been really well checked. Readers can have a try at it with renewed confidence.

Some courageous people did send in solutions, and of these E. M. Johnston, 1 Reihana Street, Orakei, Auckland, wins the prize. The other contestants did marvels in detecting errors, but made at least one mistake of their own. The prize will be again one guinea for the correct solution. If more than one solution is received, the winner will be determined by lot.

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solution to last puzzle

CLUES (all answers are Maori words)


1 Full name of Lake Taupo
6 Drag
8 Fruit
9 Help
10 Bring
11 That place
12 Vine
16 Earthquake
17 Count
19 But
20 Carving Pattern
21 He
22 There
23 Fill
26 Make it sharp
28 Waited for
29 Wrong
30 Herring
32 Only
33 Paddle
34 Serves you right!
35 A bird
36 The
37 The South Island


1 Your
2 Repay
3 Because
4 Milky Way
5 Be elevated
6 Rod in tukutuku
7 Supernatural folk
8 Bird spear
9a Time
13 Fire
14 I don't know
15 Heart (fig.)
18 Front
21 Devour
23 A tribe
24 Gently
25 Lead
27 Eel trap
31 Sneeze
32 World
36 Stand