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No. 1 (Winter 1952)

means starvation for someone

Te toto o te tangata he kai
Te oranga o te
tangata he whenua

A recent survey revealed that in the Rotorua-Taupo district alone there are 500,000 acres of idle arable land, and in Northland 2,000,000 acres. Part of this area is European land, part of it is Maori Land.

Each year the Maori Affairs Department spends a great deal of money providing finance, training and homes for a limited number of suitable men put forward by the owners of undeveloped Maori land, if the owners are prepared to grant to proposed occupier a satisfactory title.

The development of new land means that more production will be available for export to peoples who are short of food or facing starvation. Below is a picture of a CORSO official handing out milk to starving Indians. New Zealand provided the milk powder from which this milk was made.

You too can help to fight starvation in other parts of the world.

Apply to the Maori Affairs Department to have your land developed. If the Department's annual quota is filled, arrange for a private lease. Make your land productive.

Maori dairy farm near Tauranga

Milk From Maori Dairy Farms is helping to save people like these