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No. 1 (Winter 1952)
– 54 –

Books that will interest you

Two more books by Reweti T. Kohere were published last year, both by A. H. & A. W. Reed, Wellington. One is a small collection of proverbs entitled He Konae Aronui (7/6). This is a handy companion for anyone who may need to use some Maori proverbs for one reason or another; it does not pretend to be a complete and scholarly collection, but anyone interested in Maori questions, also Pakehas, will find it a delightful little volume to possess. Also published last year was The Autobiography of a Maori (12/6), a charming book of recollections. As the author says, the book describes not only the joys, but also the sorrows of his long life. As a picture of social life among the Maori during the last half century it is quite remarkable. Throughout the book shrewd comments are found on every aspect of Maori life, written down in an easy and lucid style.

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Reweti T. Kohere — Drawing by William Jones.