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No. 1 (Winter 1952)
– 48 –

economically, that they should have the same educational and social standards, and a not too diverse ethical outlook. From what a large number of Maoris have already achieved, it would appear that the Maori people as a whole can be adapted to this extent. It would be a great mistake to think that such adaptation is impossible just because it has not been fully achieved in the twenty years or so in which the present policy was seriously followed.

Does the Department aim to make the Maori into a Pakeha?

The Department believes that although economically the Maori should identify himself with the Pakeha, many of the Maori social and cultural institutions should remain. The Department aims at the retention of much of the traditional Maori communal effort, the arts and crafts and various Maori forms of entertainment. The maintenance and re-establishment of Maori meeting houses and other institutions is subsidised with public money administered by the Department.

What advantage does New Zealand as a whole derive from the money spent by the Department of Maori Affairs?

Departmental expenditure is not prompted purely by humane sentiment but also by the country's undoubted need to have a uniform living standard. The Maori people number 6% of the population at present and after another generation may well number 9%. If such a minority is to live alongside the rest of the community under inferior conditions, the resultant social evils will be far more expensive to the nation than the present Vote for Maori Affairs.

Has not this policy led in practice to a financial patronage of the Maori people?

Assistance is limited to difficulties with which in general the Pakeha does not have to contend. The Maori people present the Government with certain social problems, such as the problem of land settlement, of maintaining the Maori institutions, and of the especially bad housing conditions for which the impossibility of getting finance in the past is mainly to blame. In those cases, there is provision for financial assistance by loan or grant.