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No. 1 (Winter 1952)
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NO. 1

Te Ao Hou is intended as a magazine for the Maori people. Pakehas will, we hope, find much in it that may interest them and broaden their knowledge of the Maori, but this publication is planned mainly to provide interesting and informative reading for Maori homes. Te Ao Hou should become like a ‘marae’ on paper, where all questions of interest to the Maori can be discussed. Of course the size of the paper does not permit private and personal questions being brought up, but any subject that affects the general good can be discussed here.

For the first issue, the Editor has had to write a good deal himself to start the ball rolling, but in future he hopes to be able to rely on contributions, especially from Maoris, articles, poems, drawings, photos, or anything else of interest. There will be no objection to rough drafts of contributions by writers who may not have time to give them final shape. When contributions are accepted, they will be paid for.

In the last few years Tribal Organizations and others have stimulated many Maori activities, sports, haka competitions, marae improvements, arts and crafts. In this way a true Maori world is slowly shaping itself to stand beside the Pakeha world. The Maori, in general, earns his living in the same way as the Pakeha. Life on the marae, sports, haka, arts and crafts therefore have to wait until times of leisure and relaxation. Yet, if these recreational and artistic interests are developed, they will make life in a predominantly Pakeha world more satisfying. They can, in fact, be the basis of a Maori culture in which his identity will be preserved.

Te Ao Hou will give considerable attention to such activities, and also to social progress among the Maori people generally. It will try to give a faithful record of Maori life in all its aspects and clarify questions of Maori administration.

The Maori Purposes Fund Board has made money available to allow the magazine to start, but of course Te Ao Hou, like all others in this world, has to pay for itself as soon as it can walk properly. Everybody is earnestly asked to subscribe, to give subscriptions to friends, and to induce others to subscribe. Just send the form on page 5758 to the Editor, Box. 2390, Wellington or pay your subscription at the nearest Maori Affairs office. Many post offices sell Te Ao Hou, too. You will see the posters, or else ask the postmaster.